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April 15, 2021
Now, when the critical situation is behind, brother and sister eat good and gain weight, last tests results confirm the positive their health condition dynamic, we can cautiously state – two baby bears have the chance successfully pass the rehabilitation in OBRC and in autumn become free animals after release into their native region forests in Karelia.

How it was going on.. The condition of the bear cubs started to worsen very fast and practically there were no chances to save them. As it happened with Mikly… Our pain…..

Once we revealed the first symptoms of bear cubs condition worsening we contacted Wild Nature Hospital specialists and started the treatment. But it was obviously – it would not be enough to save the babe bears. And WNH team after finishing surgical operation day took all necessary equipment and medicaments and at night started the journey to us.

These were one of the longest 6 hours of waiting help and rescuing… 450 km are between Moscow and our village. As well the last 45 km to us because of the weather appeared to be off-road thus longing the way of specialists.

At 4.00 a.m. we received the call: "We turn to Bubonitsy", and we already could see the headlights of the car with people, who could save our babe bears! In few minutes, we organized the mobile hospital and the team started to work - thorough examination of bear cubs, auscultation, taking blood examples for tests, X-ray diagnostics, development of treatment scheme, and we started intensive care, feeding from syringes every 2-3 hours and 24hours monitoring appeared for us to be an eternity… And waiting – what would be the reaction of the small and weak organisms of Savva and Seva to the treatment…

In few hours it appeared to be clear – for the correction of the treatment scheme it is needed to implement ultrasound diagnostic. But how to do it? To deliver the bear cubs anywhere would kill them because of very bad road…

There was only 1 chance to receive this equipment promptly – to ask for emergent help to specialists of medical equipment company - Medford medical solution. In 20 min they completed necessary staff and specialist started his journey to us

Together with specilalists of Wildnaturehospital we were looking forward to this equipment, sincerely believing - it will help us! And at that moment we all really needed this FAITH ... We are extremely grateful to the guys from Medford medical solution – OUR DEEPEST GRATITUDE!

In 8 hours after our call the equipment was delivered to us! It was 2 a.m., but it was not the time to sleep – we could not lose a single precious minute: we immediately started ultrasound diagnostic, which, fortunately, did not confirmed the worsen suggestions and helped to correct the treatments scheme.
5 days and nights of hell… 120 hours of permanent fight and monitoring the baby bears… 7 200 minutes of waiting reaction of Savva and Severina' reaction to treatment and lasting feeling of fear… and hope – may be now they stand on their paws, may be now they start to eat, may be now their eyes will shine with healthy... And more than a week of intensive therapy and monitoring…

432 thousands of seconds of work in the Team with close to us persons, who can abandon everything and go to save lives, even at night! This TEAM, being next to which, you feel friendly shoulder, on which you can rely, you clearly follow everything they tell you to do, and you know - MORE than THEY will do, it is impossible to do for cubs!

And these guys, who are far from the first time helping us save our bear babies, long ago become our dear people: by blood, by spirit, by vocation in life...

Together with Medford medical solution and Wild Nature Hospital, we saved lives of two baby bears - Savva and Severina! Very difficult time without sleeping and with worrying and fear, fortunately, are behind!

Guys, thank you! By saving the lives of two kids, Savva and Severina, YOU SAVED US!

AND MANY THANKS to our readers for their words of support! It was very necessary and important for us in these difficult days. WISH YOU BE HEALTH!
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You can now make donations using the CloudPayments service. Please note that you can set up a monthly donation by checking the "Donate monthly" box of the donation form.

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