Orphan Bear Rescue Centre
OBRC rescues and rehabilitates orphaned brown bear cubs. New-born bear cubs can not survive on their own as they are tiny and helpless, weighing only about 500 grams. They need a lot of special care. Our work is to save and rehabilitate them and give the bear cubs the best chance of survival in the wild.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) was a dedicated partner in our work at the Orphan Bear Rescue Center (OBRC) for 24 years. IFAW provided for the Center's infrastructure and proper functioning.

In 2018 IFAW stopped its projects in Russia, and with their support we've built a transition plan to sustain independent functioning of the Center, and we are looking forward to engaging new supporters to continue brown bear cubs saving.
The Rescue Centre cares for the brown bears that are left without a mother. We help the cubs survive and prepare for release back into the forest.
For 23 years of work we have saved, raised and returned to the wild 229 cubs.
Our bears live in the forests of 18 regions of Russia, including Bryansk forests, where the population of bears was on the verge of extinction.
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