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January 25, 2020
Now everything is behind, and we can say with full confidence: together with Kuzya and with veterinarians from the Wildlife Hospital we managed to cope with a serious illness, although there were practically no chances!

Unfortunately, cubs left without a mother at this age often get pneumonia as a result of hypothermia, and it is almost impossible to save them ...

But not at this case! Kuzya, this little bear cub, showed a fantastic wish to live! During his illness, he couldn't eat on his own, slept badly, breathed badly, lost more than 10% of his weight and weighed only 600 grams. We did not leave the baby unattended for a minute...
Now Kuzya is a real bearish baby - very active, with a very good appetite and a loud voice teddy bear, growing and gaining weight. Today's weighing results - Kuzya = 1 kg!

Let's hope that the disease passed away without consequences and complications for the little bear, and Kuzya will quickly catch up with its relatives in the development.
After examining all the other cubs, the veterinarians gave a conclusion: all cubs are healthy and develop in accordance with age!

We sincerely thank our friends - veterinarians from ! Due to their professionalism and readiness to help immediately at any time of the day or night, we all together saved another small, but so valuable for us bear's life!

We are grateful to all of YOU, and
for supporting the work of our Center, what makes possible to continue saving and rehabilitating the orphan bear cubs!
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