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January 12, 2019
From History of OBRC (January, 2014)
Nelly and Nura, Nestor and Nafanya – cubs, born 2014. Five years ago, 12 of January 2014, four abandoned cubs from one litter arrived to OBRC: two sisters and two brothers! The Cubs were named Nura and Nelly, Nestor and Nafanya. They were only 15-17 days old: eyes were still closed, they were covered with a poor fur and weighed only 700-900 g.
Our 24-hour care and monitoring of their health led to positive results – soon cubs began to eat actively and gain the weight, except a small female – Nelly. Soon after delivering to OBRC she became ill. We isolated her from the main group of cubs and treated in accordance with the recommendations of veterinarian. After that, Nelly recovered and started to eat.
A small female cub – Nelly
However she was still the smallest one among the other bear cubs, but at the same time looked absolutely healthy. Worrying about Nelly we asked a veterinarian to examine a cub – no pathologies were found, in vain we worried. But Nelly remained to be the smallest one, probably it is a nature of this bear cub.

At the beginning of April cubs were moved to the enclosure. this is the period when a wild mother brown bear leads her cubs away from a den for the first time.

From the mid of July the doors of the enclosure were opened and bear cubs were provided with the opportunity to leave their enclosure to explore nearest areas and look for a food.
In August, along with the porridge, we began to offer them apples. As well they regularly visited berries and oat fields. Thus the time of release they gained enough weight for a successful wintering: Nestor - 37 kg, Nafanya - 35 kg, Nelly - 30 kg., Nyura - 44 kg. In September 2014, no longer "babies", Nelly, Nura, Nestor and Nafanya were returned back into the wild.

A lot of worries and challenges we meet when bear cubs appear at OBRC so early – in January, practically right after the birth.

And this four cubs made us nervous and not only once. But good is that it ended well – we have done our work, raised and returned to the nature healthy and well-developed bear cubs, who expressed a strong fear of human, that should guarantee their successful survival in the wild.
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