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November 10, 2018
Back To Freedom
Eight bear cubs born 2018 were successfully rehabilitated at the Center. By the autumn, they were fit for the independent survival in the natural habitats. By early October, our bear cubs had gained enough weight for safe wintering and developed essential behaviours (foraging, defensive, protective, etc.) necessary for their survival in the wild.

We paid special attention to the selection of release sites, giving preference to the dense woods located fairly far away from human settlements. Selected habitats feature rich natural foods and favourable denning places.
Prior to the release, all cubs were examined by veterinarians who have also collected bears' blood and faecal samples for testing. The results of the tests had shown that all animals were absolutely healthy and fit for the release.

Before each release event, we weigh the animals to make sure that the cubs have stored enough fat for successful hibernation. And true, the weights of the cubs that weighed just one kilogram in February have reached 40 kg!

Immediately before the release, all cubs are fitted with ear tags of distinctive bright yellow colour. Each tag has its unique ID number. As a result, we are able to monitor the movements of the released bears and collect information about their life in the wild.

We try to release our bears in the areas where the cubs were initially found. To ensure safer conditions for the animals we release them in pairs, because in this case they will most likely retire to the den together, which will help them survive through the bitterly cold winter months.

In October, eight bear cubs (Pasha and Slava; Zhora and Zhenya, Tolya and Tyoma, Michel and Manya) were released into the wild in Tver and Novgorod Oblasts.

We have done all we could to prepare the cubs for the survival in their natural habitats. We are happy that our bear cubs have been given a chance to live a life of wild bears.
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