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April 29, 2018
lucky from Tver
On March 11, the Center was informed about a bear cub wandering about in the fields in Toropetsky District of Tver Region. The pugmarks on the snow have led us to a small haystack, which the baby bear used as a shelter against cold. The appearance of the cub suggested that the little bear was in a very poor condition.
Visual examination made it possible to determine that the cub was born in the 2017 year.

In March, bear cubs are usually still staying in the den with their mother. It was not known what made the mother bear abandon her offspring, but it was clear that cold March weather and lack of food could be fatal for the cub.
The cub was caught by hand, without the use of special equipment or medications, and brought to the Center where it was immediately provided with a close attention of our specialists. This little male bear weighed only 13 kg, which was extremely low for the cub of this age. However, despite the whole ordeal, cold, and starving, the baby bear survived, and we decided to call him Lucky.

After a month at the Center, provided with great care and attention, Lucky gained 10 kg, and the second medical examination showed that the cub was strong enough and prepared for independent life in the natural habitats. At this time, in middle April, when some food is already available in the woods, a mother brown bear normally leads her cubs away from the den. The release of the cub into the wild has been made possible owing to the help of the Center, and on April 13, Lucky was returned to his native forest.
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